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How it works?


After login with Dropbox or Google Drive you see all your cloud stored files. They are already there so just pick a file and give it a price.


Relax and let Sellbox do the hard work of processing Bitcoin payments and sending your content automatically. When somebody buys you get the coins instantly.

What you get

Safety & Security

Sellbox server do not store any bitcoins. Immediately after succesful transaction system transfers all the funds to your wallet.

Brilliant Simplicity

From the beginning we made it very easy for our users to start using Sellbox. By utilizing the cloud you can start selling in below 60 seconds.

Instant Payment

Why would you have to wait for your own money? With Sellbox you get bitcoins in your wallet in minutes after somebody purchases your product. Not after a month, nor even a few days but instantly!

Easy sharing

You can reach your buyers everywhere. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, forum, your own website, etc., Sellbox gives your short, unique „buy now” link which is easy to share.

Analytics for humans

Analytics should not be complicated. We take your raw data about your buyers and transform it into answers – the kind of answers that matters for you the most.

Honest pricing

We make money only when you make a sale. No setup fees, no monthly fees, no surprises. Only 5% fee from every transaction.

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