CreamTheme for Tumblr

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Cream Theme is designed for SEO and easy touch screen operation, it is based on a 1140 grid and is also visible and easy to use on small phone screens.

# Compatible with all screen sizes. # Easy Touch screen and mouse operations.  # 3 or 4 columns layout. (One click to change) # Slider for up to 8 frames (can be deactivated). # 16 standard fonts and 500+ Google Web Fonts. # Google Analytics ready. # Google Webfonts ready. # 20 ready Social links with icons (SVG - Vector file included to make your own or changing the colors). # Localized theme: Change the Blog language, and the elements change the language.  # Included languages: English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), Dutch.  # SEO ready. # Disqus ready. Full control over colors and backgrounds.

What are you doing with your hands as you view this page?

With the unstoppable growth of smartphones and tablets, you’re more likely to be tapping the screen than clicking the mouse.

This theme considers both controls, the touch screen and the mouse, it can be clearly seen on the smallest mobile phone screen and a modern monitor resolution, fits without any major loss of quality.

A few special features: clickable phone number in mobile phone browsers, Phonenumber as QR-code on mouse-over event in standard browsers (at top right) … all this can be turned off, if you preferred.

Tumblr and SEO

Also some Search Engine Optimization have been made, the Tumblr method to use the Blog-description as META description changed here and has an extra field to put in this information, so you can use the Tumblr description for HTML and Java Script on the Theme.

The META keywords can be also entered separately in this theme (Tumblr has normaly no option for this), it also uses the given tags as META keywords for each post.

HTML-Headings such as H1 and H2 are important for search engines, but some post-types (photo, photo sets, video and audio) do not support this in Tumblr. This theme generates this from the first words of your Blog-Entry.

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